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2 definitions by do'er

A girl who you really want to sleep with but afterwards feel sort of depressed that you did. Normally requires vomiting or a gym session to clear your mind. Very similar to the feeling you get after you eat McDonalds.
Bro 1: last night i totally did some mcpoon, want to hit the gym after class so i can get over it?
Bro 2: sure bro, i normally vomit to get over mcpoon, you should try it.
by do'er March 15, 2011
21 3
The act of inserting both hands in a girls vagina, interlocking the fingers, then while your hands are clasped, wiggling your fingers like an octopus.

If you want extra bang for your buck, you can keep your thumbs outside where they will be positioned perfectly to work on her clitoris.
Bro 1: man that chick last night was fucked she kept telling me how her ex boyfriend would octofist her every time they fucked.
Bro 2: wow dude she must have had quite the octopussy.
by do'er March 11, 2011
13 1