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An incredibly awesome name and used to describe something awesome.
Dude, did you see that Lambourgini? It was so Hecox.
by dmh1314 March 05, 2009
Smoking marijuana while getting a blowjob while taking a shit. Similar to a crumpkin.
Dude, I got so bored smoking weed with my girl that when I took a shit she gave me a marumpkin.
by dmh1314 November 03, 2009
A growing group of people that join together for one reason, Pro Advancement of Vir (For the Advancement of Man). Members procure photos taken of females either without their knowledge or with full participation. Typical photos that are Society worthy are usually of a woman's buttocks in jeans, yoga pants, etc. Though cleavage photos and selfies taken in bra and panties are also more than acceptable. Currently, only men are involved in the Society but woman are more than welcome to join if they share photos. A rule is if someone is to take a Society worthy photo than they are inclined to share said photo with his brothers. The only exception is if a brother is currently engaged in serious talks with the female and/or dating, then he does not have to share any photos of that girl.

The Society was founded by two individuals in Virginia back in the fall of 2008.
Guy 1: Dude. Look at this girl in front of us. She has a great ass.
Guy 2: Yeah man. I gotta document this.
*Takes photo*
Guy 2: Yeah. That's a great ass. That's a photo for The Society.
Guy 1: I'll inform the brothers.
by dmh1314 December 10, 2013

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