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Unmarked, unlicensed cabs, (usually vans) common in the "bad" areas of Brooklyn. Dollar Cabs take multi-passengers (as many that can fit) to a nearby landmarks/train stations safely during late night hours or when train stations are closed.
Dude...thought i was going to get mugged walking to the next station when the Parkside ave stop wasn't running. Luckily a dollar cab pulled up and took me to Atlantic Ave.
by dmangstar October 28, 2009
A programmer, or group of programmers, more interested in tacking more and more "bloatware" features to software, rather then cleaning up and optimizing existing code. Usually using the excuse "Computers are faster now, they can handle it"

Any real programmer knows performance > features and splash screens are soooo 2001.
Timeline of Photoshop suffering from Adobe Programmer Syndrome (APS)

load times on top performance computers.

Version Number
5 5 Seconds
6 10 Seconds

7 15 Seconds

CS 30 Seconds
CS2 20 Seconds
CS3 20 Seconds
CS4 35 Seconds
by dmangstar September 24, 2009

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