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2 definitions by dkosty

1) A derogatory term used on people who, far to often, use l33t words. L33tard can often be seen in their natural environment in the basements of overprotective mothers, and are easily distinguishable by their under developed social skills and inability to listen to a comedian and not say lol or ftw.
L33tard#1:d00d w3 u$e W4Y tO MUch lE3+ WhEN w3 @RE oNLiN3

L33tard#2:y4H, bUt wH4+ 4bOUt +Eh GUY WhO tR4N$L4+ED @ll TH353 53n+ENC35 t0 Le3+ jU$+ Ph0r +hI5 5h1t+Y Ex4Mpl3

L33tard#1: Oh h3 h45 @ pr09r4M TH@T 5wI+CH5 the l3T+3R$ 5o 1T 0NLY +@k3$ h1M 4 COUPlE 0pH 53COndS.
by dKosty October 06, 2009
A meatier less intelligent yet infinity funnier version of the terminator. Created during a fake ending to the Aqua Teen Hunger Force movie, in which meatwad portrays his impersonation of the terminator.
Meatwad "I'm the determinator. I need your clothes boots and motorcycle"

Master Shake "I said I want those things, I don't have them"

*Meatwad shoots Master Shake*

Meatwad "you've been determined"
by dkosty September 27, 2010