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1. Homer Simpson's pronunciation of saxophone, often sung to the tune of Beethoven's 5th Symphony.

2. A saxophone, pronounced in elongated fashion for added endearing effect.
1. "Sax-a-ma-phooone! Sax-a-ma-phoooone!"

2. That is the worst saxamaphone player I've ever heard. Boo-urns!
by djk December 09, 2003
Phrase often added by annoying people to the end of a really bad story, mocking their own story's badness by admitting the necessity for something interesting to happen at the end. Or ironic mocking of these people.
Person 1: "So in the end I gave him back his monkey feces and didn't invite him up when he dropped me off. Isn't that amazing?"
Person 2: "..."
Person 1: "and then I found 20 dollars!"
by djk December 09, 2003
Conjugation of Shabbat Shalom, greeting on the Jewish sabbath, as coined by Eric Levine
"Shabbalom! Come chill, hangout!"
by djk December 09, 2003
euphemism for smoking marijuana, to be used in work context when you can't outright say it.
After we get off tonight, do you want to call Jasper? I'll meet you by the river.
by djk January 29, 2004
untouched, brand new, like a virgin.
Dude i heard shes cherry, shes real into religion. or
This bike is cherry, its only been rode a couple times.
by djk August 12, 2003
A huge faggot who loves the goatsce pic.
Necroscope likes it up the ass.
by DJK December 05, 2003

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