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3 definitions by djhiphopisdead

For younger people in a relationship, young meaning 18-23. When either your parent(s) or your partner's parent(s) successfully cockblock your chances of getting laid. A wingman is unable to prevent the cockblocking because of the intimate time alone with you and your partner. Phone calls, texts, or interruptions are the most common nuances of a parental cockblock.

For people older than 23, are you seriously dependent on your parents to allow a parental cockblock? Wow, your life sucks!
Boy Baby i want youstarts kissing
Girl I want you toohot and heavy kissing
Girl's phone rings with obnoxiously loud tone, text from dad
Girl: Baby, my dad says you gotta leave in a minute
Boy: Ok, i'll leave in 5 minutes
Girl's phone rings again loudly, obnoxious tone again.
Girl: My dad wants you out now baby, i'm sorry
Boy: Damn parental cockblock
Shouts upstairs
That's a bitch move homie, bitch move!
by djhiphopisdead June 18, 2010
When something happens at that particular moment, or on a predetermined moment when people meet up
by djhiphopisdead June 14, 2010
defining a cockblocker with a pseudonym when not able to directly state said cockblocker's name.

Very useful when the cockblocker is in close vicinity of you and/or partner. Also very useful as a label to said cockblocker
Girl: What's wrong baby?
Boy: I don't want to say right now ok?
Girl's Dad: Are you sure son? You do seem a little tense and uptight

Sinister look in Dad's eyes
Boy: Well, i would be more relaxed, but once again Mr. C. M. Cockblock strikes again (winks at girlfriend without Dad noticing)
Girl's Dad: Laugh out loud (he's too douchey to write lol)
by djhiphopisdead June 18, 2010