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When a chick pulls her knickers to the side and quickly shows you her vagina, she is said to have given you a mickey flash.
"That babe just gave me a mickey flash."
by dj shiva September 02, 2007
To puddle up is when a person puts a hit of crystal meth into a pipe for smoking. When they heat up the pipe the meth melts and forms into a puddle.

"Hey before we head to the club, I need to puddle up"

by dj shiva August 07, 2007
A polite way of saying shut the fuck up.
"Shoosh mate! I've heard enough."
by dj shiva August 11, 2007
A phrase used to discribe a woman who is feeling aroused.
"Does that hot guy over there give you a giggle in ya pants?"
by dj shiva August 17, 2007
Is the name given to a cough that develops after smoking crystal meth.
"By the sounds of that rock cough, I'd say you had a big one then?"
by dj shiva August 11, 2007
Windmill style is the name given to a unusal style of street fighting.

It is unique and not very pretty to watch. If it is performed correctly by a person who has the right attitude, lets say a demented psycho. It can be extremely effective.

But hey if nothing else, It sound like you mean business at least.

"If you don't shut your fucken squeal hole real soon, I'm gunna come over there and fucken fly you windmill style, ya cunt!"
by dj shiva August 06, 2007
A term used by lesbians to let their friend's know, which girls they think are hot and would take home for a bit of scissor action.

Originates from a story that a mate once told me. Which I thought was hilarious and pure gold.

When he was a kid and first started experimenting with girls. He would count the number of times he'd slide his finger in and out of their vaginas. Then go brag to his mates, about how he fingered Sally 25 times in the boat shed.

"See that babe over there? I'd do her forty seven times."

"Yeah not bad. But check out the blonde at 3 o'clock. I'd do her forty seven times really fast!
by dj shiva September 02, 2007

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