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A mikyla is a very interesting person. She changes her hair color about as often as as a person might shave their armpits, and she will most likely fail at spray tans. Mikyla's like tanktops in the winter time, and white skinny jeans after labor day. Do Not, i repeat, Do Not touch a mikyla's hair because you will get bitten! Mikyla's tend to know exactly how to handle any situation and have fantastic fence jumping skills. They are chill to hang out with and generally have scary little sisters. They are relentlessly photo genic so unless you want to look stupid, do not take a picture with a mikyla. Also, dont go on rollercoasters with them because they are adrenaline junkies and will try to get as close to dying as posssible without that atually happenning. You only find one per lifetime so if you do, dont let her get away because a mikyla is one of the most balanced and wonderful people you will find anywhere.
girl 1- "the cops are coming, wheres that mikyla girl?"
girl 2- "there she goes"
by dizzyheartsyou June 05, 2011
A myriah is never ending mystery. However close you get to discovering it, it gets just that much more confusing. Dont ever guess because you will be wrong. Known for their abrupt and almost rude honesty, a myriah will hurt your feelings with ease, but will also have your back in every situation. If you want to party and be safe, find a myriah because she will be the best dance partner ever and will sit next to you while you throw up. She will probably have big brown eyes and hair that grows like weeds, but she will constantly be cutting it off because it bothers her. CAUTION: myriahs are not tame, but wild animals, so do not try to make them pets! They must have freedom to come and go as they please or your life WILL be in danger! These are the most unconditional people you can find and they were not created for the weak of heart and mind. If you maintain one now, you are a brave person, it is a blessing to have a myriah by your side.
shutup and be more like a myriah

you have to pee? just myriah-up and find a bush!
by dizzyheartsyou June 05, 2011
A brendan is a person who will always have your back. He will make sure you are fed and warm and angry all the time. He will probably like heavy metal, which will make you want to hide your face when you ride around in his car. A word of advice, the best time to get a ride from a Brendan is at 3 in the morning because he wont remember. He will almost always have a better solution than the one you came up with, and he will definitly think he is God. and he will also be a brendan supremasist. If you find one, do not tolerate his crap, but know that he's got you 100% so dont be mean for no reason, because it will hurt his feelings, oh! and one more thing, he never forgets a debt so make sure he knows that you have no intention of paying him back. A brendan is an honest and true friend so dont let him go!
guy- "Wow! that guys so brendan, he lent me $2.50!"the brendan- "I'l expect that back tomorrow, but I will give you rides wherever and whenever you want for free."
by dizzyheartsyou June 05, 2011
A cindy is the best person you could ever meet. She will most likely like ugly and worthless guys, but that is becasue she sees their potential. She believes her car has feelings, and says words that were cool in the 90's. Beware of partying with a cindy, make sure you have no intentions of having a good time because cindy's generally get drunk quickly, and tend to get raging attitudes. They are more often then not naive, but they are total closet freaks, stunted by their mothers overbearing needs. She will make odd sounds, but jus remind her that you will not be joining the natives anytime soon and neither will she.She will spend money like a fiend, probably. Oh! if you want a cindy as a friend, walk around with a tidbit in your pocket and one will come running. She is an angel, and dont think of her as anything else. If you have a cindy as a friend, be careful, and smack her if she bites. that cant become a habit.
girl- "wow this car seat is super heavy to carry"
the cindy- "i was standing on the belt!"
girl- *pokes forehead of the cindy* "your such a cindy!"
by dizzyheartsyou June 05, 2011

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