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A jeffererson is one whos talents are neverendin beyond no otha, makes you want to stay around to see what else they can do that makes your heart melt even furtha. You may chose to give your heart to a tall, dark, captivating jefferson for life, regardless of what people may try to say about a jefferson.
Girl:I love that jefferson , his card tricks, skateboardin, ridin the bus and he has his headphones on , his smile, his eyes, his pancakes, his softness hes my home. mmm
Boy: i think he's a bleeep you should stay away from him
Girl: just ignores it
by dizylove March 07, 2010
an azlyn is a vision or a dream....inspiration
what a wild azlyn was that for real or was???
by dizylove January 18, 2011
A jeffererson is one who can keep a girl stuck in tha mud ...even a jeffersonz not around he still manages to keep you happy regardless of what people may try to say or do to make you dislike a jefferson
home gurl says..jefferson hes renting space without paying...
i say...what are you talkin bout ???idk
by dizylove January 18, 2011
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