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Intense emotion centering on the character of Agent Phil Coulson in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
"Every time I think about what happened in The Avengers, I get overwhelmed with pheels and start to cry!"

"I know! How do I hold all these pheels?!"
by dizmo July 14, 2012
(Pronounced using the first two syllables of Vagina and the last syllable of Pilot.)

Vagina Pilot

A Pilot who's afraid to do anything fun with an airplane.
i.e. Barrel Rolls, High-g Maneuvers, etc.
Hey Montie, Grant sure is a Vagilot. He wouldn't even let us skim a cloud.

When Mike and I were flying the other day, I wanted to have my own personal tour of the canyon. He wouldn't let me. What a Vagilot.
by Dizmo October 04, 2010

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