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in short.....a soccer mom is some overweight, SUV driving bastard who is often found at your local GameStop or EB games, bitching about Halo 3, saying that it's too fucking violent for her kids. This is also the type of mother who drags her little 'angels' to mcdonalds to buy them a happy meal instead of paddling them and giving them what they deserve.
The're often seen at soccer practice in their gas inefficient SUV that are the size of a Panzerkampfwagen VIII. They are the reason, the ONLY FUCKING reason Kidz Bop(Douche Bop)
is still a successful franchise. Oh and let's not forget the fact that Ms. MarySue is the reason why most car accident's actually tend to happen on the road, and she'll be the one at the voting booth to vote for John McCain, therefore we can see that supports senseless violence and she wants to waste more of her hubby's hard-earned money by buying all kinds of bullshit. Oh and lets not forget about her bratty-ass children, Meg and Dean. Apparently Meg is gonna become a prostitute and Dean is gonna get himself nvolved with MS-13.
Some dude: *at the movies going to buy a ticket to go see A Perfect Getaway*

Some girl: Oh man, i can't wait to go see this movie.
some dude: me neither babe, me neither.

soccer mom: um, you cant go to that movie, you're not old enough.

some dude: im 18 and she's 17.

soccer mom: why dont you rent tickets to go see Aliens in the Attic.

some dude: omg i hate that fuckibg movie, it's for babies

soccer mom: *covers childrens ears* dont you say that word in front of my sweet little angels!!

some girl: lets make-out.

some dude:*makes out with some girl*

soccer mom: OHMYGOODNESSSTOPTHAT!!! come on kids we're leaving!!!
by divinedemigod August 13, 2009

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