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what sex would be if it was an instrument. in a high school band the

Euphonium players are to cool to practice, but cause they play the Euphonium it sounds like sex.

person #1 "wow that song they just played sounds like sex"

person #2 "yea cause the Euphonium section is playing every part"
#band #sex #music #pnw #ownag3
by divine maddog January 24, 2009
ass, on the xbox fourms when you type in ass insted of it showing up as *** like most "bad" words it is replaced with the words quantum singularity
xXxX MLG XxXx wrote-
you know what this game is realy bad

You wrote-
I bet you like it up the quantum singularity ?

#ass #xbox.com #fourms #grape #drank
by Divine Maddog February 10, 2009
the annoying adds on urbandictonay.com they have very hot girls with their tees on and have very stupid jokes
-on one of bustedtees adds
a beer bottle an a pack of cigs, caption reads "BFF"
yea real funny...
#tees #tee shirt #t-shirt #adds #annoying
by divine maddog January 24, 2009
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