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Genre which defines the stupidity of the bulgarian civilization. The music becomes interesting after a couple "fingers" of rakia, a common cheap alcohol with interesting flavours, and some "shopska salata", the usual salad for a Rakia party. Usually listened to by:
-idiots that have nothing better to do than get drunk and shake their body left and right to this music while going "op sa!" or "haide kako!"
-little kids that look up to idols with big boobs, blond hair, and lack of intelligence

A.K.A. -- Kiuchek music. Chalga singers steal some kiuchek elements from the Turkish culture and some sirtaki elements from the Greek culture and call it their own new hit single song that people can't stop listnening to for a month...and then move onto the next new "big thing"
-Pusni malko chalga be! - Put some chalga on, be!

-Chalgadjiika! - Woman who is brainwashed from listening to chalga and all she does all day is talk about how she wants to die her hair like Galena or have boobs like Gergana, the SILICON!

Example of Kuchek song:
Boyan- Gypsie

Let's go gypsie fill up my soul
Great job gypsie mashala it's my pride
Let's go dance this chalga this giubek
Great job gypsie now you're one of mine.

I know your race the best
In the dance with the hands, the back and the feet.
Let's go gypsie call over a gypsie girl
So you can make me feel better both of you


We wont argue, we wont fight
Every night when we go to bed we'll ride the bike. (x2)

On the guitar, Vasko the frog
he will play only for you dear guests. (x2)
Listen to the melody, the horo the folklore, the gypsie dances
they are all easy.

On the microphone, Tzetza the Bear
she will sing only for you dear guests.
by disturbia_ October 07, 2008

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