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One of the worst cities to live in. Waldeemeer's motto is, "Not the same little park anymore." That is a complete lie. Our beaches are dirty and contaminated, there is a McDonalds around every corner, we have no good places to shop except Hot Topic, Pac Sun, and Grasshopper. This city is a true frozen hell on Earth, seeing as how half of our weather is a winter wonderland. Our public schools are full of decent teenagers, but our private schools are full of racist, sexist, unaccepting, intolerant, narrow minded, republican bastards who will outcast you if you do not conform to their style and we happen to be four years behind in fashion and style. As previously stated, we are a frozen hell on Earth.
Private School Kids: "Go die little whore."

Welcome to Erie, frozen hell on fucking Earth. Did you know our mall is in the shape of a gun?
by dissatisfied customer December 16, 2008

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