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Town on Long Island with A LOT of stuck up annoying white people. Every1 there thinks they are a god mainly cuz they have money and get what ever they want. The people of this town act like they have never seen minorities before and tend to panic when one gets close to them. A minority lasting more than 5 minutes in this town without having the cops on his or her ass is unheard of. The black population of Garden City High School was about two people, and 1 graduated and left, so now its down to one person. Kids of this town have 3 hobbies: watching shitty white shows such as Gossip Girls, drinking themselves into comas cuz they have nothing better to do on weekends, and wasting money on expensive shit like starbucks, $1000 pairs of jeans from abercrombie, and cars they'll end up crashing at a party over the weekend. It is hard to engage in a conversation with someone from this town without hearing "like" about 30 times before a sentence finishes. The women of this town are pretty stupid and don't make much sense when they talk. The guys of this town are gay and enjoy calling each other "bro" and getting touchy to show affection towards one another. To sum it up, Garden City is a terrible town for anyone who isn't white and who doesn't enjoy being chased by about 10 cop cars. Although the inhabitants of Garden City are snobby and impossible to deal with, there is one cool kid from that town named Ed.
Yo ma nigga, i went to Garden City this weekend with this kid named Ed for a party. The house the party was at was HUGE ma nigga! I stole like $1000 there and ain't no1 even care! The chicks there were fine as hell but dumb as shit. Tell me why these honkys were all piss drunk by 8. Some dumbass crashed his new benz into the side of this kids house and when the cops came, my black ass was the only one runnin. Next time ma nigga Ed invite me out there, i gotta spray paint myself white or some shit.
by disnukkaphil January 14, 2009

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