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to Greg-It: the art of dropping clean dishes down into the cellar.

see also "Doug-It" and "Roger-It"
So I Gregged-It yesterday, but then I just put the dirty pan with all of the other pans for the cooks to use. They didn't seem to notice.
Apparently this example needs to see Greg-It because the past tense just isn't cutting it.
by dishjunkie June 26, 2009
to Doug-It: a dishwashing term meaning to hunch one's shoulders when carrying large items(i.e. glassware)--- or to drop said glassware. to Doug-It also refers to an obsessive compulsive behavior in which one cleans an area every few seconds when there is no need for it. to Doug-It also refers to managing one's time hours from the present.

see also "Greg-It" and "Roger-It"
Liam said, "so I was Dougin'-It yesterday in front of these girls... They just started to laugh at me, and I began to cry."
Cathy--- "Taylor are you Dougin'-It?"
Crowder--- "You can't really give an example... You just Doug-It"
by dishjunkie June 26, 2009

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