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A small department store chain that is still owned by the family who founded it in 1911.

Sol Boscov founded the company upon his arrival to the united states with under two dollars in his pocket; a hundred years later the chain has forty stores.

Boscov's is often regarded as outdated and lame but however, it is much better than Macy's due to the fact they have everything they have at a fraction of the price. There is always a HUGE selection of merchandise and always friendly employees who will go to great lengths to help you find an item and then complete the sale. Also, there is a room called "The Auditorium" which features closeout items that need be moved fast or an item that has a large surplus. The auditorium has merchandise that is discounted heavily off of the MSRP. In addition, Boscov's still has many services that you can no longer get in a regular department store such as a full line candy department featuring homemade fudge, appliances, furniture, carpeting, layway, optical center, travel services, and in some locations a hair salon.

In conclusion, this is a great department store and if you have one close to you, get to it.
Linda: Hey Billy, I have a huge list of items to get? Where should I go?

Billy: You could go to Boscov's, they pretty much have everything, and with all the neon and mirrors, it looks a roller disco!

Linda: Let's roll!
by discosweat4 December 14, 2011

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