3 definitions by disconnected

1) Person who was raped by 5 or more Brazilians, and is now a BR Phobic. He will call you BR if he has a chance.
2) Homosexual being, who feels like CapntainMarvel when surrounded by men.
3) Kid who is a nerd at school and acts as if he had 30 years old on internet games.
4) Person who likes pixels (hentai, Ragnarok Online, anything with pixels and tits) and will pay 20$ for lapdancers to random grils.
1) Man you're a BlazingInferno(BI).
2) BlazingInferno said: you r so br mang!
by Disconnected January 03, 2005
Meaning pretty much the same as spacker, this is used to describe anyone who has been an utter fool and needs to be told.
Colleague smashes his knee into his desk accidently - you all turn to him and go 'ABIDO'
by Disconnected March 16, 2005
a song by ashlee simpson
"you make me wanna lala in the kitchen on the floor, ill be a french maid when i meet you at the door"
by disconnected April 11, 2005

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