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To steal, especially in a quick and stealthy manner.
When Jamal wasn't looking, LeQuan bipped a whole handful of his French fries. Jamal never knew what hit him, and he went hungry for the rest of the afternoon.
by discgolfdc July 26, 2008
Nickname for "50 Cent", for those who can't pronounce the middle "f".
YO, u gank Fittie's fresh trax off Limewire yet?
by discgolfdc September 01, 2008
Shitting while twerking, usually resulting in projectile elimination on all facets of the bathroom, including up the wall.
Ain't no way I'm using that stall. Squeeshah been shwerking in there after a hard night at Taco Bell.
by discgolfdc April 13, 2016
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