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a phrase used largly in southern england.

The common beleif is that the phrase originated in Tadley, hampshire but has been heared as far as leeds.
used to get the attention of a young lady.
lit: pardon me young lady, please show me your undercarage
look at that bird..... oi girl....... get ya rat out
by disaster138 August 12, 2009
also: pullin' an 'azzard!.
A phrase nammed after punk rock/hardcore drummer Ady Hazzard. The act of soiling oneself while in an unfortunate situation....e.i. shitting ya pants while taking a wardrobe downstairs
i was so hung over i bent down and pulled a Hazzard !!!! reet reet

I thought it was a fart but it looks like i pulled a hazzard
by disaster138 August 12, 2009

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