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noun - 1. A chick (usually a skinny chick) having little to no body and possessing large meat curtains.

2. Similar to lobster(refer to definition #8) except all the "meat" hanging from her vag.
Nelson: "Hey did you hook up with that hippie chick last night?"

Dustin: "Yeah, but she was a total labster. Now my shoes smell funny."
#lobster #snaggletoe #meat curtains #labia #lips #rotten crotch
by dirtytree December 13, 2007
noun - 1. The act of keeping one's pants clean and in order.

2. A high standard of coolness.
Definition 1 -

Jared: "Damn, I got drippos on me again...I really have to work on my flygiene!"

Definition 2-

Kenny: "Damn, Jared doesn't look so cool with those drippos."

Albert: "Yeah, it doesn't do much for his flygiene."
#drippo #cool #hygiene #fly #zipper
by dirtytree December 13, 2007
noun - a negative context to having or pertaining to uneven, malformed or an otherwise untidy cameltoe, esp. when referring to labsters.
Jared: "Dude, I love seeing the chicks at the gym with their tight gymclothes on."

Dustin: "Yeah, you love that chick with the lucious snaggletoe."
#cameltoe #vag #nasty #snaggle #toe #labster
by dirtytree December 13, 2007
noun - Drops of piss, esp. on the pants. Usually in reference to one's flygiene.
Due to Brekhus' small penis he consistently suffered from problems with drippos, no matter how hard he shook off.
#flygiene #piss #droplets #fly #zipper
by dirtytree December 13, 2007
noun - A traveling wave of notoriously contagious laziness, generally initiated by one or more lazy individuals who act as a catalyst for a chain reaction of sham.

Currently, a shamwave in the vacuum of space is the fastest object in the known universe.
Bert: "Man, I don't feel like working today."

Jared: "Yeah, Dan started a shamwave early this morning so we're all going for beer at lunch, you in?"

Bert: "Is a frog's ass watertight?"

Jared: "Umm....I don't know..."

Bert: "Yes, I am in."
#sham #lazy #wave #slacker #good for nothing
by dirtytree December 13, 2007
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