3 definitions by dirtydre

a 'zean bean'; also known as a 'badman' is the most rare and most exquisite form of bean you will find in any garden.

the most common habitat for a zean bean would normally be somewhere sunny (where the bean can kick up its little feet and do what it does best.. not much) or somewhere with banging tunes in a dark corner with multiple minature bottles of vodka stashed in its pocket.

p.s also an excellent driver whilst under the influence
oih zean bean pass the vodka
by dirtydre July 10, 2010
a complete one off, absolutely unique in every way.
wowza thats so gimeneezy
by dirtydre July 09, 2010
seriously hot piece of crumpet, caring, considerate, and has an ass that will bring a tear to your eye as it shakes. ideal partner for a gimeneezy
that girl must be a prassshcovska.. let me call gimeneezy
by dirtydre July 09, 2010

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