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3 definitions by dirtydizzle20

A small hick town in south central Texas known as the cowboy capital of the world. Beyond the 30 bars and churches cluttering mainstreet lies many meth labs and shit youd see in the movie kids or gummo. Pretty boring place, so all the kids turn to smoking weed, drinking heavily, or hanging out at Boyles and or sonic parking lots. A good music scene if you like country, and dontr move here if your black
i took that girl sarah from bandera texas to pound town last night after we left 11th street.
by dirtydizzle20 January 28, 2011
A dude who nobody likes, or a dickless incompetent who scares all the pussy away
"Wow, that dude jerry is such a scrum dick
by dirtydizzle20 January 12, 2011
A term used to belittle jewish people, people with jew fros, or people with js in their names. Another word for idiot.
Heyyy, easy jerusalem joey
by dirtydizzle20 January 12, 2011