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no affiliate with ones group, also your boy homie or main man.
yo what up treezy, or you treezy when are we goona hit the store
by dirty rob February 24, 2003
old mans wang
when I am old I hope I dont have a slodja
by dirty rob February 24, 2003
dude who comes to work with all brandnew stiff workclothes on.....looks like the catalogue man
look at them new work clothes...looks just like the catalogueman
by dirty rob March 22, 2003
St louis has a food called toasted ravioli, when you are drunk you can say I am toasted or in this case ravved
shit yo' we hella gonna get ravved tonite
by dirty rob February 24, 2003
A euphemism for the male genitalia.
Some bitch was bein' hella clownish, so I slapped her in the face with Captain Oates.
Wanna pet Captain Oates?
by dirty rob November 21, 2003
a twat or a group of twats, other forms include fuckleston or mcfuckleston
you bunch of mcfuckles
by dirty rob February 24, 2003
A large turd
i took a mad scudder today
by dirty rob February 24, 2003

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