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A loud boisterious fart that resembles the sound of a dying foghorn.

Balabooshka's tend to be sneaky unexpected but can clear a room with in a moment.
Tom cleared the room when he made a balabooshka in his pants.

That balabooshka knocked over the walls of my cubicle and the smell caused three customers to pass out in the showroom
by Dirty McNasty February 04, 2010
The vaginia of an attractive young lady that is far less attractive than she is. A Snatchatera can be shaved with nics, cuts, or rashes. It can be hairy like a beavers asshole and hide a young ladies actual genetiala. There are many varitaions of the Snatchatera but none of them are good. Sometimes smell can be the culprit of snatchatera, as well as beef flaps, or just a general lack of upkeep. Nevertheless Snatchatera is no fun.
I brought home Jenna the other night and she's got total Snatchatera going on in the pantilones. Really I almost blew chunks when she made me go downtown julie brown.
by dirty mcnasty June 04, 2010
Another name for a human butthole. The bronx being the shittiest part of New York and the asshole being the shittiest part of the body it's a perfect match.
Greg: Man I gotta head to the B-room I got a rumble in The Bronx.
by Dirty McNasty January 21, 2010
The act of pulling out while sexing a young lady with a hairy vaginia. Then shooting your seed along the "pelt" of the young lady. Some variations exist includung the rubbing in of the seamen to cause a dredlock like affect. This is called a commador furbaby and is heavly practiced among those in Southwest Asia.
Tom: Man I was hitting this heffer last night with a nappy dugout. So pulled out the python and furbabied that ho!

Greg: Hell yeah I've done a few furbabies my self
by Dirty McNasty February 25, 2010

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