54 definitions by dirty sanchez

When a male takes his hand and grabs his sweaty balls and twirls them around inside his pants creating a creamy fluid and then wipes it all over the space between the upper lip and nose of another person.
That sick ass faggot gave me a testache.
by Dirty Sanchez August 01, 2003
Performing a twirling maneouver during sexual activity.
Those two homeless men performed an underflip last night on the steps of the public library.
by Dirty Sanchez June 05, 2004
aka babykiller69, notorious for his diet of babies, preferably korean ones
"yo redford, let's go for two-can-dine at mcdonalds"
"naw man, i packed lunch. got some baby on a pita, with some kimichi on the side"
by Dirty Sanchez January 06, 2004
Jizzing in your hand and giving a face wash with it.
Dude, I just gave my bitch a facecloth.
by Dirty Sanchez December 10, 2003
Your pink instrument, your purple headed warrior, it stands to attention when played.
"I'm going to play my pink oboe"
by Dirty Sanchez November 14, 2003
A rather odd gathering of male homosexuals. One man is tied to a chair with his arms behind his back while three other naked men masturbate and then try and hit the tied up man's mouth with their spewing manhood.
Sigfried and Roy were involved in a firing squad last night.
by Dirty Sanchez August 01, 2003
a white boy living in the burbs of philly who always wears beanies and thinks he is black
K-web is such a nukka jung.
by Dirty Sanchez March 09, 2005

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