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"On the clock" refers to when one is getting paid by the hour and any setbacks are viewed in a positive light, because the longer the job takes the more you get paid.
Ryan: "dammit, we've hit every single red light on the way!"

Kevin: "don't worry about it chief, we're on the clock!"

Ryan: "nuff said."
by Dirty danchez June 29, 2009
(smōk ãnd rōl), v

A two-step process to ensure smoker safety.

Step one: smoke.

Step two: get the fuck out of there.

Not to be confused with a shady maneuver involving a weedless smoker smoking another smokers weed and immediately evacuating the smoke spot.
Kevin: "this bowl is beat."

Ryan: "Smoke and Roll!"

(Kevin and Ryan drive away)
by Dirty danchez June 30, 2009
(smōk spõt); n

An agreeable, discreet location (preferrably under the cover of foliage) in which one or more persons can smoke without fear or possibility of being busted.

Depending on proness and boldness of smoker, nearly any location can become a smoke spot.

Proper smoke spot protocol suggests smoker utilizes the smoke and roll procedure to ensure smoker is not to be busted.
tree spot, shade spot, chill spot are good examples of acceptable smoke spots. bench spot is not an acceptable smoke spot due to a high level of sketch associated with bench spot.

Ryan: "i've been hittin' this smoke spot for fifteen years and I ain't never been busted!
by Dirty danchez June 30, 2009
(nėv-ėr bėn bûs-tėd); exclaimation

A confident phrase emphasizing the proness of an experienced smoker and his/her career as a successful smoker. Any smoker claiming "never been busted" earned the right by avoiding being busted by the cops whole smoking weed.
Darryl: "fifteen years I've been smokin' and I ain't NEVER been busted!

"NEVER!" (small explosion) "BEEN!" (small explosion) "BUSTED!!!" (large explosion)
by Dirty danchez June 30, 2009
Pro Nuff (prō-nuff)

Coined from the words: pro and nuff meaning professional enough.
Kevin: "looks pro."

Ryan shrugs and says: "pro nuff."
by Dirty danchez June 29, 2009
A gazebo which is used as a smoke spot becomes a smozebo.
Ryan: "hey k-botski, wanna go hit the smozebo?"

Kevin: "for word yo."
by Dirty danchez June 30, 2009
(nût-hõg); n

A fat bitch who won't get off your nuts.
Dammit, I can't get this nuthog off my dick!
by Dirty danchez June 30, 2009

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