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3 definitions by ding-a-ling

Severe and irreversible boredom. Usually accompanies talking to people you rather not have anything to do with,constant yawning, and extreme sarcasm.
"This Saturday night is so fantasmaborical. I can barely contain my joy!"
by Ding-A-Ling February 05, 2005
4 1
The other slightly less aprochable form of creature after morfing from a rosie
Hey rosie AAAAAAA she's changing Oh no she's a roggers!!!!
by ding-a-ling September 27, 2003
1 1
A rather insane girl who in a radio 1 tedious link stylee got her nickname WATKINS!!! after being called ian for a week finally settled on watkins named after of course the amazing (NOT) ian watkins or better known as H from steps its compicated.
is it a bird (yes) is it a plane no its Ian, hang on ian but shes a she no its Watkins cool!
by ding-a-ling October 04, 2003
4 6