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A new detective show with a blonde, who solves the mystery by the end of the show. 1/4 of America watches Veronica Mars while the other 3/4 watch One Tree Hill.
Wow Veronica Mars solved the murder case in one eppie!
by Dina December 23, 2004
A wonderfully cute little leprechaun who lives in Los Angeles, prancing around in search of flab, candy, and cuteness. Dina's hobbies include pestering Lizeths everywhere!
"Dina! Come back with my Cocoa Pebbles!"
by Dina March 18, 2004
What a fucking idiot!
He is such a mo mo!
by dina November 21, 2003
To be booghetto is to be living in an upper middle class situation yet still retaining "ghetto" tendencies.
He is booghetto cuz he shops at banana republic but buys socks from costco.

The b00ghetto people were taken to the party in the limo and on the way they stopped for some kfc.
by Dina October 27, 2003
Something of which, once it has occured, cannot be changed nor undone.
Person 1: I just burnt my old diary!
Person 2: Are you sure you did the right thing? It's irreversible, you know...
by Dina June 14, 2006
A real sleazy dude who is always sneakin up and hittin on you.
Girrrrrrl, I just got creeped on by that creepdog over there at the bar. He came out of NOWHERE!
by Dina February 15, 2005
a stoner who sits home all day and smokes pot
hey dude, lets go to golans
by dina June 19, 2006

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