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when a woman with an abnormally fat ass squats down on a man's face and proceeds to violently shakes her ass with extreme force causing it to rumble, bruising may occur; if the female decides to defecate on the male, then it is referred to as a 'barnyard rumble suprise'.
"I just started to fall asleep but before i knew it, maria had hopped on my face and barnyard rumbled me so hard my nose turned purple."

doctor: it doesnt look so good, your son isnt going to make it

mother: no! what happened!?

doctor: he recieved massive trauma to the face and forehead region.... he was... barnyard rumbled...
by dilf king May 01, 2011
When a person and/or animal belches into the orifice of another person and that person continues to swallow that burp. If lucky, it is followed by violent vomiting onto the partners face and lower extremities. On more than one occasion it will lead to a massive orgy
"my girlfriend offered to slob my donger, but i recommended a burpjob instead."

"while my baby sister was sleeping, i snuck in her crib and gave her a quick burpjob before i passed out."
by dilf king June 22, 2011

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