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the other counterpart of Yugi. He is a master of all games for some reason and loves to mess around with Kaiba's head. He's often lost in his memory, but that doesn't matter because he can crush everyone that stands in his way getting his memory back.
Yami's weird.
by digi148 July 30, 2003
someone we don't know but suspect he's a girl hiding behind a fake identity of a guy, etc... can be seen on Yahoo
yeah that's me
by digi148 July 30, 2003
when you are addicted to the feel and smell of plants. The only cure is the good surrounding of the city. Go. Now. There are no symptoms.
oh my god jimmy's been planticized!!!
by digi148 July 30, 2003
When you can do no wrong or can do all wrong. It depends on your mood and / or your attitude. Also, you may talk in a different language that people don't understand.
watch out before I go kingmega on you. b@$+@Rd.
by digi148 August 27, 2003
A jerk from Rockman.exe who has an eggshell for hair. His NetNavi is Blues who kicks major caterpillar arse.
Enzan you are a jerk, get a new haircut eggshell!
by digi148 August 27, 2003
when someone says something confirming your doubts.
when he said she was going to fail the class, she finally decided to give up and not go.
by digi148 January 11, 2005
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