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gods gift of beautiful scenery on the west coast, home to hippies on the small islands of denmanand hornby and weed growers alike plus a large population of hicks on upper vancouver island around the comox valley and surrounding areas. Being on the west coast yields more rain on vancouver island than the rainforest during a monsoon season and the combination of that rain and the limestone landscape makes vancouver island a rich karst region with an estimated 2000 or so caves to be discovered. The island is also a place to find some amazing scuba diving and artifical reefs such as 2 sunken battleships near the city of nanaimo. The island boast a rich variety of beaches, rivers, lakes, mountains and skiing, campsites, fishing, and plenty of protected parks making it a beautiful place to call home.
"when i die i hope i go to heaven"
"well its only a short ferry ride to vancouver island....."
by diggy mcdigster May 24, 2008
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