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To look, to see, to perve
Scope out the chicks on the corner.
Man, I'm scopin for cops.
by dieselcom July 02, 2007
Your mum. Not offensive.
Who was that on the phone?
My old cheese.

by dieselcom July 02, 2007
The tool who is just gagging to cut in front of you in some sot of race to get to no particularly better position in the lead up to the RED lights.

The knobs who race from one set of lights to another.
Look at this friggin stoplight racer cuttin in, WHERE ARE YOU GOING PASSHOLE THE LIGHT IS FUCKING RED!
by dieselcom July 06, 2007
The absolute best. The top of the top.
Did you see Jimmys car?
Man that shit is MADANG.
by dieselcom July 02, 2007
The name given to gas stations in Australia, possibly due to their proximity to highways and the fact that you usually have to cross 3 lanes of traffic at 90 klm/h when you realize you won't make it to the next one.
I saw Jimmy at the swervo, buying fags for his mom.
by dieselcom July 02, 2007
To go, arrive, turn up, to just Lob up.
Lets lob to bills house> Bill, They just fucking lobbed up!
by dieselcom July 02, 2007
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