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Fellatio (blow job for all you people who dont know lol): so called the Essex Kiss because it is the trademark of the Essex Girl. Usually perfomed by a drunk or plain sluttish Essex girl on any old random she meets in jacs.
"i went to jacs last night and got essex kissed on the dancefloor by some tramp"
by dierdre February 10, 2008
the act of acciently ramming your face into a strangers genital area, usually carried out by children and midgets because the lack of height that situates face conviently level with groinal area
1.)when you were 5 years old and your dad bought you a brand new bike from cycle king and you span around with excitement went to hug your dad but grabbed the employee and cycle-kinged him whilst nuzzling his nuts

2.)when a child runs around not looking where they are going you are liable to be cycle-kinged
by dierdre February 10, 2008

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