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2 definitions by did i shock you, bitcvh?!

ridiculous book full of false religious dogma, written by the lifelong opiate smoker, and founder of the mormon church, joseph smith, who claims to have seen an angel who told him where these "plates" were buried so that he could dig them up and translate them from some unspeakable hebrew dialect into what would become the book of mormon...bullshit, bullshit, bullshit.

smith also claims to have gone into some forest and seen two personages of j.c. and god...but everyone with even a quarter of a brain knows that he really didn't...for there is no actual proof whatsoever; if he really did however see these "personages", he must've been on some serious hallucinogens that day.

if "mormon missionaries" come to your door peddling this ridiculous book...i would advise you to tell them to fuck off and get their asses to college and then slam the door right away. we can't let this ridiculous tripe fuck the world over more than it already is...the stupid ass mormons should be feeding the poor hungry little kids...when instead they are spending all the money so they can build those big ugly "temples" in more places where they don't belong.. it's just...not right.

tripe! tripe! tripe!
the book of mormon is bullshit.
by did i shock you, bitcvh?! December 08, 2004
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DC4C = good band. dumb name.
death cab is a pretty good band...but they'd be better if they didn't have such a dumb band name.
by did i shock you, bitcvh?! December 17, 2004
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