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a town south of Grapevine lake, which mainly consists of extremely large and expensive houses, expensive stores, in which nothing of true value exists, and, generally, really snotty people who take for granted the amount of incredible resources that they have at their fingertips, only paying attention to the fleeting fads of their media surrounded world; a bubble, if you will, sheilding its inhabitants to the rest of the world to such a degree of ignorance, that life outside of their sheltered world is almost alien to them; for the benefit of those who live there who are not like that, that miniscule minority, I would like to say this: there are thinking people in Southlake, as rare as that may be, so don't think everyone there is stuck up and bratty, because they suffer more than you could imagine being surrounded by this frivrility... I should know, being I spent almost 8 years of my life there...it sucks...by the way, nationally ranked sports teams a good town does not make, because some of the people are ugly to their very core.
12 heavily tanned and made-up girls walk down the Town Square of Southlake sidewalk, talking to each other as if they are great friends. One girl leaves after a little while to God-knows-where (probably out wasting her inheiritance money). Once out of earshot, the remainder of the group proceed to bash on thier "friend" to such a degree, that you could not tell that a friendly word had ever passed between them. Said girl comes back, and the former conversation resumes, until another girl, also heavily made-up and tanned, walks by. A seemingly mutual friendly greeting occurs, but once the girl leaves, the backstabbing reaches a feverish pitch... this would not be so bad, save the fact that these people do not represent just teenage girls but little boys and girls, mothers and fathers, and even some grandparents, on occasions.
by dictionary28 November 28, 2006

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