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All cum; esp. cum that is produced after eating a lot of bananas, pasta, or drinking a lot of pineapple juice.
"John ate Italian food for the last three days; I gave him a blowjob and he gave me dessert. I love to swallow a hot, steamy load of yummy cum."
by dicksy chick September 24, 2007
Sperm that is being ejaculated esp. into the vaginal,oral, or anal orifice of a hottie.
"My god, luke, did you see the ass on that bitch with the skinny fuckstick."

"He may be a fuckstick, but he has some happy sperm."
by dicksy chick September 24, 2007
Occurs when nonsensical strings of letters appear in text messages. Mostly due to predictive text, quick typing, driving, and/or pocket texting.
Texted to Joanie: What u doin no frida nighu
Joanie says to Sahyla, "Look at this message-Lara has dystextlia."
by dicksy chick May 23, 2008

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