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an old house usually bi-level that was converted, into a menu having - lunch/dinner serving - band playing(quietly) - food joint
He doesnt even play real gigs, he keeps playing all these Housetaurant's.
by dickjohnsons May 19, 2010
a dork man who leeches on you an tries to be your friend

even though you say "no"
Thanks, flatterboy, now go on and stalk and worship someone else
by dickjohnsons December 21, 2009
a person who plays on line games and posts about the person they just slay. When in reality they never slay anything.
Marshall is always posting his scores in those online war games, he has false warrior dreams. His only war is deciding how to tell a new story.
by dickjohnsons September 08, 2010
When a person smokes weed all day, and drinks lots of coffee as well.
Holy shit this weedball lifestyle is strange at times.
by dickjohnsons November 29, 2010

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