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1 definition by dickinmypussy:)

A dick is what I use for sexual pleasure! I get a guy with a big dick, the bigger the better. He pulls his pants down and let's me suck his huge dick, also known as a blowjob. After he gets enough if that, he starts to rub and lick my pussy. After I start to cum loads of cum, we both start fucking. He sticks his dick up my pussy and goes in and out. He goes as fast a race car in a race. We both start to moan because of the good feeling. He starts to cum. Then he takes his dick out of my pussy and puts it up my ass. He does the same thing with my pussy. In and out and really fast. after we both have an orgasm, He starts to eat my pussy. Then I give him another blowjob. Then we put our clothes on, he gives me money and then he leaves. After that, another guy come in and we start it all over :)
dick, a dick enlcosed, become a dick outside and in my pussyyyy
He sticks his dick up my pussy for sexual sensation!

dick is now dick
by dickinmypussy:) October 09, 2008