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the act of shaving onion peels into your partners anus while using clam juice as a lubricant on the other males member until his sticky man chowder erupts and the peeler then takes this baby gravy and firments it in an erlenmeyer flask until it becomes hard and jelly like, he then dribbles the gel into the onion/ass juice medley and procudes to eat it.
My frend buskoed me while i slept and I woke up with a banana peel halfway up my ass and a condom in my ear.
by dickhertz March 15, 2004
one prone to steal dumb shit and get caught
That guy just stole butlers virginity, what a bussard.
by dickhertz March 18, 2004
An almost fatal virus received from the aftuck Typical symtoms involve:A peeling of the skin on the grundle and testicular rot. If uncured by downing a dose of the soup buskoone will continue scratching thy rectal entry until the bleeding scabs become infected and the testicles eventually flip inside out until they wither away.
When the velcro caught onto my anus i had the busrotch for about 5 days till my grandfather gave me some soup busko.
by dickhertz March 25, 2004
the clear ejaculate that oozes out of the males penis 30 minutes after an intense masterbation, studying, or a bar mitzvah.
God man I jerked off like 10 minutes ago and thers still sum wet stein coming out.
by dickhertz March 18, 2004

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