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2 definitions by dickdick13

a person who no one would want to blow till confetti came out because he's a loser... a queer, a jerkoff, a douche bag queer
jeremy... haha... yes jeremy is xkjy5
by dickdick13 July 10, 2004
6 4
actually xkjy5 refers to a gay person, someone who doesn't realize that a girl really really likes him because he likes some trashy piece of shit lol just kidding... and the worst part of all he's not gay he's totally un gay...loser fag dork scenester
jeremy went from the first definition of xkjy5 to this definition... oh p.s. jeremy, you're a loser i mean you're sooo xkjy5
by dickdick13 July 10, 2004
4 3