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Speaking from inexperience, what guys from the rural town of holme in West Yorkshire call one another, rather than home slice
Guy 1: Hey broski you seen whats crackin' down in the town centre?

Guy 2: Yeah i know holmeslice, the new mobo-library is off the hook!
by dickbroom69 March 24, 2011
A vagina of such epic proportions it can only be described in a volcanic scale;
also pays tribute to how hot, harsh and dangerous such a massive vagina is going to be.
guy A: man, i can't believe you muff dived that hoggy the other night, that shit is sick!

guy B: you've no idea holmeslice, it was like clitmanjaro in there, i thought i'd never see my pops again
by dickbroom69 March 24, 2011
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