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To flip your button means to have sexual intercourse. This term refers to a button that is worn on the outside of ones shirt that says on the top, "Fuck you". On the bottom it says, "I've been fucked." There is usually a noticeable change in attitude once a persons button has been flipped.
Ami Jo your being a bitch today you need someone to flip your button.

Juan said he will flip your button later so you won't be such a crabby bitch.
by Dick trickle October 25, 2013
A wonderful, magical, fairy tale place that is heaven for millions of disillusioned American teens. Everyone who lives there smokes weed, masturbates to porn in public, see-through portajohns, and has sex with everything. Oh, the Dutch. What a people. Their capital, Amsterdam, is the most liberal, corrupt, chaotic, anarchic, offensive, and orgazmically exciting place on earth. The Netherlands kick so much ass.
Damn, I can't wait to go to the Netherlands after my senior year!
by dick trickle February 25, 2005

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