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The Shit Bill Cosby has been seling for 40 years of his career.
Just because Bill cosby has been selling puddin' pops for the last 40 years doesn't mean that he aint a nigga from philli and the ghetto and that he might say some real shit from time to time! --Dave chapelle: for what its worth
by dick jackson November 12, 2007
The imaginary land told to us by the famous Beach boys in one of their songs that depicts spending a vacation in the paradise of Kokomo.

just a place that makes people ask their travel agents for info on, just to get either a dumb look, a sad face, or a giggling mood in the air.

basically, the beach boys lied to us =/
god damnit! I asked my travel agent about spending a nice sunny vacation in Kokomo but he just laughed and said "haha you wish!"
by dick jackson November 12, 2007
words said by racist preps who believe they have the right to say anything they want because they believe they're good looking.

Prone to get your ass beat whether or not your black.
Jesus Christ nigger poop! --said by the type of person described above
by dick jackson November 12, 2007

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