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A penis, cock, or whatever you want to call it
Dude I jizzed out of my shmeckel.
by dick head February 26, 2005
a person who has the mental capacity of a steaming pile of poop. AKA Ben.
Ben put his cigarrette out in a 5 gallon jug of beer and then proceeded to drink it. His look of confusion solidified our suspicions that he was born stupid.
by dick head September 18, 2004
a very sweaty smelly ass
ben's swamp ass was so bad, he had to change his boxers 4 times in a single day. We replied, "holy shit, that's some swamp ass."
by dick head September 18, 2004
grandma ugly as fuck
my budy ryan made out with a grandma
(she was 70) She was a guaf.
by dick head September 18, 2004
a hoe is sucks balls and always depends on his mommy so save him such as the time that Jr told his mom that his friend Hector didnt let his stupied gay ass sister named Vannessa in his house Vannesa told her mom and Hector cant go in Jr's house no more and Hector is left alone
Jr is a hoe and fucks a boy named danny every single day
by dick head May 17, 2004
small boy wanna be black kid who likes a !@#$%^&*() ugly ass gurl named Rosa De La Tora :P
a short but wanna be smarter kid than dylan white
by dick head May 04, 2004
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