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1)opposite of the meaning pimp; to have or see something unappealing.
"man dat shit iz ghetto"
by dick April 12, 2003
The alternate african-american name for a white man who acts excessivly black at times.
Damn, Leroy is so confused about his race.
by Dick February 08, 2004
When a man/woman pushes so hard when theyre trying to shit... the lil pimples on their ass explode everywhere creating a big mess
by dick August 02, 2003
a mullet
What a biatch.
by Dick December 17, 2003
faggots ball suckers
a man that sucks balls
by dick May 05, 2003
a lifeless fuck who did something stupid and got sent to jail for fourty years for it and gets raped in the ass everynight until he gets a trial where they tell him that he has to stay in jail for the rest of his life who bhy time he dies will havfe aids, and every other disease out there
your moms best friend is an inmate in butt pirate heaven
by Dick April 30, 2004
One of the most overrated bands in history.

The band was extremely shitty. But they had a great producer so they sounded good on their album. They sucked extremely hard live though. Funny how a great producer can make a shitty band sound good.

Wrote offensive lyrics about pretty much anything. They got popular because of that. They also put the "anarchy" lable on punk music. You know, that sign Avril Lavigne uses too all the time, hahaha.

All in all, a band that got famous because they pretty much hated everything and everyone. Their bass player sliced up his girlfriend and commited suicide after that. Or did he die from an heroin OD? Either way it wasn't pretty.
Respect to the producer of the Sex Pistols. He made them acually sound good on their album!
by Dick September 26, 2005
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