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65 definitions by dick

To slap your penis into someones face or somewhere else. Usually happens when everyone is drunk or stoned and someone passes out or falls asleep. When he/she gets zwaffle'd, everyone laughs their ass off.
Guy 1: Look, he passed out hahahha.
Guy 2: Well go ahead, give him a zwaffle
Guy 1 *slap*
Guy 3: w..w w-What the fuck man?
by Dick September 17, 2005
empty penises
why can't goblins get witches pregant?
they have halloweenies.
by dick November 03, 2003
someonne who likes to lick where other peoples asses have been
Your breathe stinks Bench Licker
by Dick April 10, 2003
shizer= shit and cock is a dick. SHIT DICK
you motherfuckin shizercock
by dick April 02, 2004
A gay ass faggot that spends all his money on frehsman hoes and has no game. By the way, i jacked his fuckin hummer biiooootttch.
Dude Murphy is such a werbel.
by dick March 19, 2004
H@xx0r jargon for 9 as in 9mm.
Dude that n33n is sweet.
by Dick March 20, 2003
The chillest dudes around mah man.
"Yo wou anna chill with the OBC?"

"Nah man, we ain't cool enough...let's go put a muffler tip on my civic."
by Dick December 18, 2003