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The act of being consistently shady and elusive especially soon after beginning a relationship. This may involve shoddy stories and excuses as to why said slipdicker cannot attend to his/her responsibilities or hang out anymore.
Potter: "I haven't seen Seth in awhile.... wonder why? (sarcasm)"

Kevin: "Well, c'mon... I mean its not his fault he's had six music history tests this week. (sarcasm) He's too busy slipdicking."

Schmitz: "I got some bad news. You're kicked out of school. However, you could always just resort to slipdicking around the bureaucracy of it all."
by diapergays dan October 27, 2010
Similar to 'Macguyvering, (although the quality of said work is poor and generally so is the product)' a (to) shitcobble can be used interchangeably as a noun and a verb. 'Putting something together with limited or poor resources all the while having little to no idea how to exactly put the resources together in a cohesive manner.' It should be noted that a shitcobble can also be intangible, such as when someone's plan or idea is shittily constructed. (A shitcobble is the product of shitcobbling. Thus, to shitcobble results in a product known as a shitcobble.)
My life is a fucking shitcobble.
by diapergays dan October 27, 2010

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