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Model/Actor that is actually smart and can read. Was on "CSI", "MTV's Fashionably Loud" and will be on two upcoming episodes of the OC.
Channing Tatum is...wow...
by Diane February 12, 2005
What uneducated people say in place of "I saw".
Dumbass: Yo, I just seen that Lemony Snicket movie!

Me: Shut the hell up!
by Diane December 19, 2004
Oh My God in Spanish
Ay Dios Mio, tengo mucho tarea
Oh my God, I have so much homework
by Diane December 10, 2004
Used to describe a place that's really far from where you live.
People in NYC would consider Buffalo or Syracuse West Bubblefuck.

NOTE: To all you Quality Control fanatics, this IS a real word.
by Diane October 19, 2004
Making a big deal out of nothing
Mother: How could you get an F in Math??
Kid: Ma, stop beastin!
by Diane December 23, 2003
An exclamation of sublime excellence.

Of Canadian origin, thought to be a crude derivative of the more common and acceptable expression, tits.
This is cats ass, man.
You're the cats ass.
by Diane November 26, 2003
You spelled it wrong too, you moron. It's Christmas.
If you're going to criticize someone, please learn how to spell first.
by Diane December 06, 2004
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