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1) Literally meaning total chaos or anarchy.
2) Used when referring to a disorganized event or public altercation involving a group of people. This term can also imply a public, often political, scandal.
3) Any event that is poorly planned and quickly gets out of control. Seldom resulting in a good time.
4) See also; "Gong Show"

Origins: Conjures an image of 100s of rats all trying to fuck each other, female and male alike. Total chaos.
1) Girl: Remember when we picked up those last minute gift on Christmas Eve last year?
Guy: Yeah that was worse than a public ratfuck.

2) Back in 2000, people got out of hand in the state of Florida over that recount. What a public ratfuck.

3) Who? Sheila? That one that blinks too much and barks like a dog? Hell, I wouldn't take her to a public ratfuck.
by diablogate December 04, 2008
The process of becoming more male or conversely becoming less female. See also take off the dress.

This is a form of redemption or ascension among males, and a form of empowerment among females in a predominantly male environment see chickchismo.

For females this can be undesirable since your girlfriends and potential love interests may not appreciate your bold or masculine attitude see machismo.
Dave: Wow, I never expected Kyle to stand up to Evan like that.
Rex: Well, Evan did mouth off about his girlfriend to Dave's face.
Dave: He cold cocked him solid. I thought he'd wuss out like he usually does.
Rex: Yep, complete vagectomy. We should get him to come out with us next weekend.

Sharon: They passed you over on that promotion again?
Eva: Yes they did. And they didn't even listen my idea that could increase profits. It's gold.
Sharon: They don't respect you because you're a woman. You need a vagectomy.
by diablogate December 05, 2008

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